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The Vision — (GCU)
The GRAYCRAFT Universe

Uniting a constellation of creatives, builders and Mech fans, the GRAYCRAFT Universe represents a new, hybrid world building strategy to bring to life a multidimensional science-fantasy epic.

  • Hybrid World Building

    The Web3 Mech Universe represents a new approach to growing an IP.

    We see the GCU like a blockchain protocol, consisting of two elements balanced through mutual incentives, a decentralized ecosystem and a centralized leadership team.

    Coming together from above and below, we will together define the direction of our infinite trajectory.

  • Lore

    The GRAYCRAFT mythos explores the adventures of characters caught in an inter-humanity, interstellar struggle of identity and sacrifice.

    “We would have world peace if so many people weren’t fighting for it.”

    Across every dimension, our lore is at the heart of what we do.

  • (Exploring)

    & Animations

    Our inspiration for the GCU came from a childhood watching science-fiction movies and anime, and reading our favourite comics and mangas.

    We see the comic and animation dimension as the perfect stage for the next stage of the GRAYCRAFT Universe.

  • (Exploring)


    We have a simple thesis: Games have to be fun, first.

    We are excited by visual heavy, PVP and multiplayer games that allow us to showcase key chapters of the GCU.

  • (In Progress)


    We are proud to have built the best looking science-fantasy NFT assets, and are excited to take these to a new dimension in the physical space.

  • (In Progress)


    We want our community to look as good in the real world as they do in the metaverse. We imagine a collection for Captains and Citizens, in line with the aesthetic of the GRAYCRAFT Universe.

  • (In Progress)


    Our philosophy towards the metaverse is simple: We believe that the GCU is multidimensional and metaverse agnostic. This means that we will explore all compatible worlds where our community can enjoy shared experiences, including 3D, 2D, Pixel and Voxel-based worlds.

  • (Exploring)


    As exciting as the metaversal future is, there still is a place for in-real-life activations.

    We envision turning unique destinations into interactive exhibitions of the GCU, enriching the GCU and its characters.

  • Community

    GRAYCRAFT has always been built upon the vision of “where the few become the many”, and the Web3 Mech Universe is our most ambitious project yet, created by all, open to all.

    As we push ever boldly into expanding the GRAYCRAFT Universe, we are committed to putting our Captains first. This means an open, transparent and frequent line of communication with our Captains that develops our culture.

    Join our community on Discord.