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Where did GRAYCRAFT come from?

GRAYCRAFT has its origins from the luxury accessories brand GRAY. Built upon the vision of “where the few become the many”, GRAYCRAFT is our most ambitious project yet as we enter into the world of Web3.

Find out more about us here.

How do I get started?

You’re already here! Browse the GRAYCRAFT website, and join our Twitter and Discord community to step into the GRAYCRAFT Universe.

What is the GRAYCRAFT Universe?

The GRAYCRAFT Universe is the multidimensional mythology that guides us as we build the #Mech3 franchise for the Web3 community.

A world of character assets, owned by our community and taking life across multidimensional mediums, charts the adventures of the GRAYCRAFT Omegas and their pilots in a space-faring future.

Read more in our Mindmap.



GRAYCRAFT is an NFT project that is building the Web3 Mech Universe.

Inspired by the original Mech franchises of the past, we are building the Web3 Mech Universe together with a hybrid approach to world building and growing the Web3 Mech community.

Our next collection, the GRAYCRAFT Omega Project, creates the richest Mech assets available, setting the stage for our #Mech3 ambitions.

You can read more about our mindmap here:
Here are a list of sites that you can access to find out more about us.


What is the GRAYCRAFT Collection size and distribution?

8,888 GRAYCRAFTs. Breakdown is as such:
- 5,585 reserved for GC1 and GC2 Captains as a free mint + gas
- 60 reserved for the GRAYCRAFT Team
- 3243 reserved for the Mech List

What is a Mech List and how many can I mint if I am mechlisted?

Our Mech List is an application form that allows us to understand you better as we build the multi-dimensional GCU. If approved, you can check your mechlisted address on

Each Mech List spot guarantees you 1 GRAYCRAFT Omega mint in the 'Private Mint' phase.

How much would my GRAYCRAFT cost?

The GRAYCRAFT Omegas will cost 0.25 ETH each to mint for the Mech List and the public mint.

What are the mint and reveal dates and times?

Private Mint: 10/01/23, 9 am ET (24 hours)
Public Mint : 11/01/23, 10 am ET (Open till sell-out)
Eligible for Private Mint Phase: GC1/2 free claims and Mech List Mint

Unclaimed GRAYCRAFTs from GC1/GC2 holders will be returned to GRAYCRAFT Vault for future sale.
Unminted mechlisted GRAYCRAFTS will be rolled over to public mint.

The reveal process begins on 15/01/23, 9 am ET.

Where can I mint or purchase my GRAYCRAFT?

The mint site will be revealed on the beginning of the Private Mint in our discord ( and on our official Twitter. Please note that there is no stealth mint of any sort, be sure to check that the mint page is a subpage of, and that it is coming from the official accounts.

Is there an overallocation of spots?

No, each Mech List spot guarantees you 1 GRAYCRAFT mint.

What is the claiming procedure for GC1 and GC2 captains?

1 GC1 claims 5 GRAYCRAFT Omegas, 1 GC2 claims 1 GRAYCRAFT Omega for free + gas. There is no prior snapshot and the site will read your wallet assets during claim itself.

To purchase GC1 and GC2 on Opensea:

Once the claiming starts, there is a checker on our site that you can use to check if a GC1 or GC2 has claimed its GRAYCRAFTs. However, note that someone may claim their GRAYCRAFTs at the same time as you are making your purchase. The team is not liable for such situations.


What is the GRAYCRAFT1?

As the first ever NFT spaceship and our genesis creation, the GRAYCRAFT1 is an audial-visual NFT collection that takes holders on an immersive journey into the Graycraft Universe.

What do I get as a GRAYCRAFT1 holder?

GRAYCRAFT1 Captains will get to claim 5 free GRAYCRAFT Omegas for free, as well as enjoy free/ preferential access to our future NFT collections in the GRAYCRAFT Universe.

Where can I purchase my GRAYCRAFT1?

You can purchase your GRAYCRAFT1 from OpenSea


What is the GRAYCRAFT2?

As the first ever generative NFT spaceship fleet and our second creation, the GRAYCRAFT2 allowed us to expand the GRAYCRAFT Universe by welcoming 5,200 Captains into our community.

What do I get as a GRAYCRAFT2 holder?

GRAYCRAFT2 Captains will get to claim 1 free GRAYCRAFT Omega for free, as well as enjoy free/ preferential access to our future NFT collections in the GRAYCRAFT Universe.

Where can I purchase my GRAYCRAFT2?

You can purchase your GRAYCRAFT2 from OpenSea