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Create The
Universe With Us

8,888 Omegas, 5,585 for GRAYCRAFT Captains, 3,303 reserved for our Tribe of Rebels.

If you are a builder, creator or member of one of our favorite NFT communities, we want you.

Step Into The Unknown

The Mech List

Presenting the Mech Listed individuals.

Putting the
in Mech3

We believe in the power of a decentralized future, one in which the GRAYCRAFT Universe is more than just a brand but a whole ecosystem of builders and creators.

You own your NFTs, and are free to create with it. GRAYCRAFT Captains will get wide-ranging commercial rights to all their assets, allowing you the freedom to express yourself fully.

#Mech3 will be lit up with each shared step that we take together.

World Class Assets At Your Fingertips

The GRAYCRAFT team will always be at the center of the GCU. As first among equals, we will lead with the stunning assets, interactive lore and exciting partnerships that you have come to expect.

From this foundation, both the team and community will come together to decide the trajectory of the GCU.

We give you all the bullets, you direct the firestorm with us.


A Universe Of Ideas

The only thing that limits us is our imagination, and our imagination is unlimited.

Mech-andise, Mech-and-cheese, Mech-cercise classes, it’s all up to us to create together.