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Lore [Phase 1]

The Destruction

Awakening for the first time in over a generation, Mount Erebus experienced the most violent volcanic eruption mankind has ever experienced, producing an immediate chain reaction of natural disasters across the globe that plunged the world into chaos.

Volcanic winter

Those who survived the harsh first days of volcanic winter soon found themselves fighting for their lives in the face of economic and power vacuums which dragged all into a catastrophic global nuclear conflict.

The Destruction, as it has come to be known, eliminated more than half of all life on earth and exposed those who remained to a plague of radiation that would impact generations. As a result of radiation, the changing atmosphere, or perhaps both, life on earth was “moved”. Eons of evolution was rapidly accelerated. Teratons, magnificent moved beasts, now challenged mankind across newly created biomes sprawling with intensely wild flora, or Florids.

The Rebuild

It has been said that what separates man from beast is his resourcefulness. It took time, but humanity eventually recovered and rebuilt following the Destruction, determined to walk further and faster than those that came before.

Senseless destruction gave way to detente, and the Treaty of Ten Hands brought an official end to the Destruction, recognizing the sovereignty of the Five Nations. In a call for a neutral global protectorate, the Five Nations entrusted GRAY Inc. to carry out the Omega Project.

The Omega Project

To secure the cold peace and mankind’s security in a Teraton-dominated world, GRAY Inc. created the GRAYCRAFTs, 8,888 semi-autonomous mechanized robots, each manufactured with their own unique attributes and abilities to be strategically distributed around the world.

Call them peacekeeping sentinels, call them the guardians of humanity’s wellbeing, call them the thin line between calm and chaos, these towering GRAYCRAFTs have come to represent the promise of mankind’s tomorrow in the wake of the Destruction.

Lore [Phase 2]


The Good Deeds

In the Nation of One, Tardamor the Good Leader rises to power, promising to establish his people as first among equals in the Five Nations. On the back of countless quiet atrocities committed by his acolytes, the Beneficents, Tardamor slowly changes the balance of power in the world.

In the wake of the chaos created by Tardamor, a GRAYCRAFT commits the ultimate sin - the murder of Mother Francis in cold blood. The opportunistic Tardamor seizes the erroneous action by a rogue Omega to force the hand of GRAY Inc., redefining the unipolar peace secured by the GRAYCRAFTs.

Dr. Adam Jennings

In an effort to solve the newly-revealed fault of The Omega Project, GRAY Inc. turns to a young Dr. Adam Jennings for a solution.

The Bridge, a revolutionary device that utilizes quantum entanglement to manipulate gravitons, grants mankind the power to merge with its machines. Powered by the Bridge, GRAY Inc. is able to create the very first GRAYCRAFT pilots, marrying the best qualities of man and machine into a truly sentient and intelligent force.