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About the GRAYCRAFTs

As the third act of the GRAYCRAFT Universe, the Omega Project presents a collection of 3D full-bodied Mech avatars for Captains to use in the metaverse.

The collection features 24 different Mechs with special thematic variants, creating the most uniquely cinematic Mech NFT collection.
The total collection size will be 8,888, of which 5,585 will be available to GRAYCRAFT1 and GRAYCRAFT2 holders for a free mint. There will be a public mint, aided by a Mech List to complete the collection and welcome more Captains into the GRAYCRAFT Universe. Discover the tracker here.
As a holder, you will first gain access to a profile picture NFT to be used immediately, followed by 3D rigged models for use in future Metaverses.
The GRAYCRAFT Omega Project will lift off on 10th January 2023. To follow our latest developments, join us here.